Business Experience

Charles Mintz is a Financial Advisor in the Wilmington, NC office of BB&T Scott & Stringfellow.

From April 2002-2014, Charles served as the Branch Complex Manager of the Wilmington, NC and Morehead City, NC offices of BB&T Scott & Stringfellow.

From February 1997 until March 2002, Charles served as the Executive Vice President and Director of the Retail Branch System for BB&T Scott & Stringfellow. He was elected to the Board of Directors of BB&T Scott & Stringfellow Financial in January 1998.

From December 1995 until February 1997, he served as the Chief Financial Officer. He also served as the Chief Administrative Officer from May 1995 until December 1995.

Prior to joining BB&T Scott & Stringfellow, Charles served as President and was the co-founder of Fox, Graham and Mintz Securities, Inc. from October 1985 until August 1990, when it was acquired by BB&T Scott & Stringfellow. Prior to 1985, Charles was the Myrtle Beach, SC branch manager for Wheat, First Securities, Inc. In 2002 Charles returned to Wilmington to focus on managing portfolios for high net worth clients.

Investment Philosophy

BB&T Scott & Stringfellow is in the service business. As such, Charles provides customized investment services to individuals and families to help them identify and get on track toward achieving their financial goals.

His services are delivered by building long-term personal relationships based on honesty and trust. Critical to the delivery of these services is effective communication. Simple, straight-forward, consistent communication concerning client goals and the progress toward achieving those goals is the key. His mission is to help clients identify and achieve their financial goals by offering customized investment services.

First, Charles identifies the financial needs of the client- what is the client trying to accomplish? Perhaps it is retirement income that cannot be outlived; education of a child or grandchild no matter how much college costs continue to rise; or providing for elderly parents with the ever-increasing cost of healthcare, etc. Whatever the client's goals are, his objective is to establish an investment portfolio to help meet the stated needs.

To do this, Charles conducts a detailed review of the client's assets and a determination is made as to the type of investing that has historically met that particular need. The next step is to clearly explain the details of the investment including how it may meet the client's specific needs. Finally and most importantly, Charles explains the risks associated with the investment, what the investment will not do and the importance of holding the investment over the long-term.


Charles received his MBA from the University of Georgia in 1980, and B.S. in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1977. He is also a graduate of the Securities Industry Institute.


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Client Service Associate

Charles delivers his service with the support of Ashley Strong, his Client Service Associate.

Charles Mintz

Senior Managing Director
Financial Advisor

Wilmington, NC

2512 Independence Boulevard Suite 100
Wilmington, NC 28412
P: (910) 392-7200

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